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Dial-up Instructions

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Bluenet4u Connection Manager Instalation

If you were able to obtain an Bluenet4u CD or diskette; please follow the instructions below to properly install the Bluenet4u Connection Manager in your PC.

1. Click on the START button.

2. Next, click on RUN.

3. Type, A:\setup.exe In the OPEN field.

4. Click YES when it prompts you if you want to install the
Bluenet4u Connection Manager

5. Please read the Terms and Conditions the...

If you do not agree please click on NO.
If you do agree please click on YES.

6. When setup asks you what directory you want to install the Connection Manager in just click on OK.

7. When setup tells you the directory does not exists, do you want to create it?
Click on YES

8. Next a window appears telling you that Setup has finished installing the Bluenet4u Connection Manager. Click on OK

9. You should now see an icon on your desktop called Bluenet4u Connection Manager. Please double click on it.

10. After you open the Bluenet4u Connection Manager 1 of 2 windows will appear.

  • Click on Yes if the following window appears.
  • Click on the properties or settings button which will be located
    at the bottom section of this window.

    For Final Downloading Instructions CLICK HERE..