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Dial-up Instructions

Final Dial-up Instructions

After pressing on the properties or setting button the window below should be the next one to open. Now, press on the first phone book button. which is located at the right hand side of phone number. Make sure you select the area code and the corresponding telephone number which will be local to your residential area.

If you are not sure of the number you have selected; you can always verify the number by pressing 0, and asking your telephone operator if the number you have chosen is local to your area.

Under Service Type make sure modem is typed inside the box.
Then, make sure is says; United States of America (1) under the Country or region box. Make sure that under State or Province you select your correct area code or the area code nearest to your residential area.

You can select your area code by pressing on the drop-down menu which is located at the right end of the box.

After you select the area code a series of telephone numbers will appear under Access numbers, make sure that you select the number that belongs to the city you live in or the city nearest to your area.

After you have selected the area code as well as the number make sure the city and the phone number you chose are highlighted the same way that the example shows. Then you can continue by pressing the OK button.

After pressing the OK button you should have been back at the Connection Manager window. Then, press the phone book button for the back up number and repeat the same steps that you performed for the phone number. Remember to make sure you have selected the back up number which is nearest to your residential area then click OK.

You should now be back at the user name and password window. Make sure you have spelled correctly your user nama as well as your password; remember that every letter should be typed in lower case.

After your are sure that you have correctly spelled your user name and password that your selected; continue pressing the connect button to obtain a successful connection. If this instructions were followed correctly; you should not have any problems getting a successful connection to the Internet.