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To download Connection Manager click on the Dialer button below.
The program will open in a new window.
The file size is about 2.18 MB.


Download Weblock Software 5.5MBWeblock Software image

Weblocker Software (techblock) protects you and your family from sexually charged sites and any other web based material you may find inappropriate.

To install Weblocker on Windows 2000 or Windows XP you must log in using an Administrator account and Fast User Switching must be disabled.

To Disable Fast User Switching:
Log off all users Log in with an account that has administrative rights Click "Start" Click "Control Panel" Double-click "User Settings" Click "Change the way Users log on and off" Uncheck "Fast User Switching" Click "Apply Options".


Premium Dial-up!
Unlimited Internet Access!

Connection Manager has created instructional pages that will save you the hazzles of configuring your computer manually. The Connection Manager program will install the the necessary components including:

Microsoft's Dial Up Adapter
Dial Up Networking
TCP/IP Protocol

Connection Manager Provided by Bluenet4u

What the Bluenet4u Connection Manager will not do is install a current, compatible browser or correct any modem configuration problems. If you have modem configuration troubles, you should contact your modem manufacturer for technical assistance.

If your browser is less than a version 3 browser, it is time to upgrade. The connection manager assumes that you have internet explorer installed on your machine and it will try and launch this program upon completing the connection with Bluenet4u.

You will be taken directly to our website where you may view other tech support files. This program is in BETA Testing right now so if you discover any bugs, please send the bug reports to: bluenet4u at

Minimum System Requirements

Windows 95,98, NT 4.0, 3.51
Internet Explorer 3
16mb RAM
14.4 modem
10mb Hard disk space
An active dialup account with Bluenet4u

Read More Instructions.